Stoney Creek (Wintergreen) 1/3/10

It was only in the low 20's here in Stoney Creek, but the strong winds put the wind chill below zero. I saw at least two Golden-crowned Kinglets in pine trees three houses down from my house. I got a few photos. Of course, I saw them at the end of my hour-long photo hike, and my fingers were much too cold to stay in one place and try to get a lot of photos.

I called Frits and he saw five or six, but they were flitting around so quickly that he couldn't get a positive ID. I could only tell from my photos that they were GC. Will try again this week to see if they are sticking around.

I read on the Monticello (Charlottesville) alert that two American Tree Sparrows and a flock of Pipits were seen just to the east of route 29 about as far south as Nellysford. These species were seen just to the east of my Wintergreen area, have been reported but are rare here, and I have never seen either species. The winds are strong from the NW - maybe if it shifts to the E they will come our way.

Golden-crowned Kinglet

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