Rockfish Valley Trail 6/22/11

All photos are Marshall Faintich

When I arrived at the trail this morning at 9:10, it was hot, muggy, and buggy (mostly flies). Last night's rain made the ground wet, but there were some well-mowed trails on the east side of Reids Creek on the Glenthorne Loop trail. There were lots of the usual summer birds to see, and I spent about an hour on this trail, mostly on the east side, and then about 20 minutes on the eastern part of the downstream trail.

Although there were good hiking paths, the ground vegetation was tall and dense, making it easier to spot birds that were high up in the trees. I saw male and female Orchard Orioles; the female had a brown spot on its crown - most likely the same one I saw on June 13th. The highlight of the morning was a Yellow-breasted Chat along Reids Creek near the small Glenthorne Loop pond. This species has been a yearly summer resident, almost always seen around this same location.

Non-avian species seen, in addition to flies, dragonflies, and butterflies, were a White-tailed Deer, a Blue-tailed Skink, and an Eastern Painted Turtle.

Brown Thrasher


Juvenile Field Sparrow

Indigo Bunting

Orchard Orioles; male left; female right

Red-eyed Vireo

Yellow-breasted Chat

Yellow-breasted Chat

Yellow-breasted Chat

Eastern Painted Turtle

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