Skyline Drive 4/12/13; Rockfish Valley Trail 4/13/13

All photos are Marshall Faintich

I had errands to run in Waynesboro, and decided to take a short detour up Skyline Drive to look for Crossbills in the pine trees at the Sawmill Ridge Overlook, but all I saw there were Chipping Sparrows and a few Pine Warblers.

Chipping Sparrow

Pine Warbler

I had time for a short hike this morning on the Rockfish Valley Trail. When I arrived at the Rockfish River kiosk, I found the praking lot to be almost full. I scanned the east side of route 151 with my camera, and saw a large group of birders on the Glenthorne Loop trail - it was the ornithology class from the Piedmont Valley Community College.

I hiked over to them, and birded with them for a while. They had aready seen some interesting birds, including a Broad-winged Hawk. Most of what I saw with them were common spring birds. There was a lot of avian activity in and near the north end of the bog area. In addition to a few sparrows, we saw a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, a Ruby-crowned Kinglet, and a Blue-headed Vireo.

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Blue-headed Vireo

Blue-headed Vireo

Eastern Bluebird

Eastern Meadowlark

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