Rockfish Valley Trail 8/15/13

All photos are Marshall Faintich

The weather was much nicer today. Although Walt Childs and I saw 29 species on the trail in 2-1/2 hours this morning, birding was fairly quiet. The best birds were a Baltimore Oriole, and Red-eyed and White-eyed Vireos.

Baltimore Oriole

Red-eyed Vireo

Great Blue Heron

Green Heron

Juvenile Field Sparrow

Juvenile Chipping Sparrow

Red-tailed Hawk

Eastern Bluebird

The most interesting birds were a Carolina Wren and a Northern Mockingbird. The wren was perched high in a tree singing one of its loud and repetitive songs, and not a hint of its buzzy alarm call. The mockingbird landed in the tree above the wren, starting singing the wren's alarm call until the wren flew away, and then the mockingbird started singing the wren's song. I wonder how the mockingbird knew the wren's alarm call, or if it were just a coincidence??

Carolina Wren

Northern Mockingbird

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