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Astronomical Photos

I did a lot of astrophotography in the mid-1980s through the early 1990s, but took a break from this hobby for more than 20 years, other than taking a few eclipse photos. All of my early astrophotos were taken using film based cameras through a Celestron-8 telescope, with a camera piggy-backed on top of the telescope, or with only a tripod. When I restarted this hobby in 2017, I no longer had a telescope, so I used only a hand-held or tripod mounted digital camera. In 2020, I purchased a Star Adventurer tracker for longer exposures. Click on any box below to see my best astrophotos.

Photographing the October 1994 annular solar eclipse


Sun & Moon


Deep Sky Objects

International Space Station
Photo taken from Crozet, VA
27 September 2017

Click here for some tips using a star tracker for astrophotography.

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